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Interpolation Techniques and Image Transformation

Learn all about effective Image Interpolation Techniques and Image Transformation in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online interpolation techniques and image transformation course will be of great help to individuals interested in moving a step ahead from learning just the basics of digital image processing. The course gives insights into the image interpolation and transformation operations of digital images. By the end of the course, you will gain a basic understanding of these operations and their properties. Get started today to learn more.
Interpolation Techniques and Image Transformation
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This course begins by introducing you to the concept of interpolation and image transformation. You will learn the meaning of interpolation, interpolation operations, when the interpolation operation is required and the desirable properties of interpolation. These properties of interpolation include having a finite region of support, smooth without discontinuity and shift-invariance. In addition, you will learn how to write algorithms for different image transformations.

Next, the course then introduces B-spline interpolation functions. You will also learn about constant interpolation, linear interpolation, cubic interpolation along with illustration rotation. You will learn about the meaning of image transformation and unitary transformations. Furthermore, you will also learn what is meant by orthogonal and orthonormal basis vectors, along with gaining an understanding of how an arbitrary image can be represented by series summation of orthonormal basis images.

Finally, the course discusses the concept of Fourier transformation, which is a specific case of unitary transformation. It explains the concepts of Fast Fourier Transform and Fourier transformation both in the continuous domain as well as the discrete domain. You will basically identify the important properties of the Fourier transformation operation, including separability and translation properties.Start this course today, and gain valuable knowledge in image interpolation techniques and transformation.

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