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Interpersonal Dynamics and Loyalty in the Workplace

Free online course on interpersonal dynamics and the components of loyalty at the workplace.

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This free online course on interpersonal dynamics and loyalty in the workplace provides a comprehensive guide on how to maintain relationships and promote loyalty in the workplace for effective synergy. Learn how to apply the Buddhist approach to your managerial skills. Learn also how the principles of Bhagwat Gita and Panchatantra help in the maintenance of workplace relationships. Begin this course today and improve your interpersonal skills.
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This free online course on interpersonal dynamics and loyalty in the workplace will begin by introducing you to the Buddhist approach to managerial skills for interpersonal dynamics. You will also be introduced to the fundamentals of Buddhism as it relates to managing employees within the organization and how to manage interpersonal conflict. You will learn about the concept of Panchatantra along with its origin, as well as the role it plays in the development of interpersonal dynamics.
This course will then introduce you to the concept of Bhagwat Gita and its underlying principles as it relates to the management of employees of an organization. You will learn about the five books and treaties of Panchatantra. You will also be introduced to the role of emotion, communication, nutrition as well as the brain, and their roles in building interpersonal relationships.
Finally, you will be introduced to the concept of employee loyalty along with the importance of having loyal employees. You will learn how to manage as well as how to measure employee loyalty and the negative impacts of having disloyal employees within an organization. You will then learn how to ensure there is a balance between flexibility and the quality of life of employees in an organization.

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