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Information Security for Project Managers: Encryption and Hashing

Learn about the techniques of encryption, hashing, and guidelines for Information security in this free online course.

Publisher: Frank Hissen
Explore the concepts of modern information security relevant to the project and general managers in this free online course. This encryption and hashing course will bring learners up to speed with the terminologies and techniques of encryption as well as the best practices for password hashing. The consideration and guidelines when dealing with IT security will also be covered. Start this course today and take your IT skills to the next level!
Information Security for Project Managers: Encryption and Hashing
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Do you experience difficulties using encryption terminologies or do you wish to stand out in the techniques of hashing? Then this course is for you! Information Security for Projects Managers: Encryption and Hashing is a free online course from Alison that introduces the basic concepts of information security to project and general managers. In this course, the reasons for the encryption of data and instances of why data should be encrypted will be discussed in practical terms. Learn about the definition of encryption and other associated technical terms. You will be taught symmetric and asymmetric encryption together with public key exchange. Learn about the application and algorithm of hybrid encryption in addition to password-based encryption. Study the commonly used algorithms and the technical parameters for encryption. The basic types of cryptographic keys will also be covered in this course. Learn about the technicalities in converting plaintext to encryption text in a demo. Study the various formats, purposes, practices, and target groups of file encryption.

Moreover, this course outlines the characteristics of ZIP encryption and OpenPGP as well as a brief summary of encryption principles. You will learn about the basic environmental setup and the characteristics of different Java versions related to crypto algorithms. Java cryptography architecture and the basic hashing class with practical examples will be explained in detail as well. You will study the application and best practices for hashing documents using real-world scenarios on the Java platform. Explore the practical application, importance and uniqueness of the efficient stream-based hashing technique hashing. By taking this course, you will gain a sufficient understanding of the creation and proper application of the message authentication code. Learn how to implement and integrate a secure password hashing scheme into your application in this course. Gain practical knowledge of the application of wrapper libraries and how to install the Java cryptography extension unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files. Also, critical factors in handling IT security by general and project managers will be covered in this course.

Are you trying to figure out how to handle holes in IT security projects? This course discusses why IT security should be enforced in such projects. Moreso, topics such as Information security protection, process and standards will be analyzed extensively. You will learn about the protection goals of IT security and the reasons why IT security fails. You will study the information management process and the information security standards project managers ought to deal with. Learn the requirements derived from laws and data regulations that are needed to be carried out within an IT project. Finally, the guides implemented to checkmate the overlooked areas of IT security within a project will be also covered in this course. This course will be of great benefit to project managers, general managers, students, researchers, information security enthusiasts, and all who have an interest in information security. Register for this course today and take your information security skills to the next level!

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