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Idea Validation in Entrepreneurship

Learn how to test if your entrepreneurial ideas can be made into a successful business or not with this free course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Do you know how you conceive and develop a prototype, which are the two foundational stages in setting up an entrepreneurial firm? This course will show you how to determine if your ideas can be made into successful services or products. Learn about disruption as a success driver, which has to do with how entrepreneurs challenge established products and business models to create a new environment through novel products or services.
Idea Validation in Entrepreneurship
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This course will first introduce you to ideation and prototyping, where you will be exposed to the importance and methodology of developing ideas and prototypes to establish workable propositions.

Next, study testing, validation and commercialization of your prototype as well as how your entrepreneurial idea could actually take shape in the real marketplace. This will lead you into the concepts of minimum viable product (MVP) and ultimate desirable product, which outline how your entrepreneurial idea will perform in the real world. You will learn about ‘disruption’ or how entrepreneurs challenge existing products and business models.

Lastly, you will see how entrepreneurial firms or start-ups impinge on the market. By the end of this course, you will be able to develop entrepreneurial ideas and bring them to life through prototyping. You will also know how to take advantage of empathization in entrepreneurship to build a product or service that meets customers' expectations.

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