Human Urinary System - Introduction

Get a clear understanding of the human urinary system with this free online course.

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This free online course on the human urinary system will teach you the anatomy and physiology of how the urinary system removes waste products and regulates the blood in the human body. By taking the course you will gain a strong understanding of how this important function helps keep us healthy, and how analyzing urine can even tell us about many health issues our bodies may be facing. So don't delay, make sure you start your learning today.
Human Urinary System - Introduction
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Have you ever wondered why you might feel the need to urinate one moment only for it to ease the next? Or how our kidneys help to remove waste products from our blood? Then this course is for you. The course begins with an introduction to the urinary system, examining its overall function and discussing the organs which make up the system.

The course then moves on to discuss the kidneys and the crucial role they play, including filtering metabolic waste out of the blood, forming urine, balancing fluids and electrolytes and influencing blood pressure. It takes a look at the tissues which form the kidneys, the role each part of the organ plays and how it connects to the ureters to transport urine to the bladder. Finally the course explores the urinary bladder and its functions.

This human anatomy and physiology course is ideal for students who are interested in furthering their study, and also for those who just want to expand their knowledge and understanding of the human body and its organs. So why wait? Check out the course for yourself and improve your understanding of the human body today.

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