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High School Algebra - Working With Functions

Learn about the techniques of polynomial, logarithmic, rational, and exponential functions in this free online course.

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Working With Functions is a free online course from Alison that highlights and breaks down the modern techniques used in working with functions. Learners who take this course will acquire knowledge of the types, operations, and transformations carried out on functions. The concepts of solving, graphing, and the manipulation of various functions will also be covered. Register for this course today and begin a new and exciting learning journey!
High School Algebra - Working With Functions
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Working with Functions is a free online course from Alison that provides learners with a practical guide in working with functions and inequalities. Are the concepts of relations and functions difficult for you or do you wish to stand out in the operations of functions? Then this course is for you! In this course, the ways to represent a function and the characteristics of functions will be discussed in practical terms. Learn about the concept of quadratic functions along with polynomial and rational functions. Learners will be taught the applications of exponential functions and piecewise-defined functions. Learn about the composition of functions and how to form the composite of two or more functions. Study the different types of graphical transformations and how they can simplify the process of graphing functions. The multiple transformations of a function and the graphical transformations of functions will also be covered in this course. Learn about the definition and property of an exponential function in addition to the exponential function of various types. Study the procedures used in solving exponential equations in addition to the properties and graphing of a logarithmic function

Furthermore, this course demonstrates the process of manipulating logarithmic expressions and how to evaluate expressions using logarithms. You will learn how to solve real-world problems with the application of exponents and logarithms. The domain and range together with the degree of a polynomial function will be explained in this course. Study the methods used to search for the zeros of more advanced polynomial functions and principles used to manipulate polynomials. Learn about the four possible end behaviours that a polynomial function will assume depending on certain factors. Study the steps taken to draw a reasonable graph of a polynomial equation. Given its zeros, the procedures used in finding the equation of a polynomial function will be explained in this course. Taking this course gives you insight into the methods of finding the equation of a polynomial function, given its graph. You will learn the definition of a rational function as well as simplifying rational functions. Learn about the methods for finding vertical, horizontal, and oblique asymptotes of a rational function.

Lastly, the procedures used in finding the x and y-intercept of the graph of a rational function will be covered in this course. If you seek to gain a proper understanding of the methods used for graphing any function without the aid of a calculator, then this course is for you. Moreso, topics such as solving problems with rational functions and solving polynomial inequalities will be analyzed extensively. You will learn about the concept of polynomials division and the important theorems that are useful in searching for the roots of polynomial equations. You will study how to explain and prove the rational root theorem. Learn about the algebraic solution to polynomial equations and techniques to help locate possible roots of polynomial equations. Finally, the intermediate value and location theorem will also be covered. This course will greatly benefit learners, students, researchers, enthusiastic Mathematicians, and all who have an interest in Algebra. Register for this course today and take your numeracy skills to the next level!

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