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High School Algebra: Solving Equations and Parabola

For high school math students, this course shows you how to solve linear and quadratic equations and graph parabolas.

Publisher: ADU
This free online course teaches you the modern approach for solving and graphing linear equations. Learners who take this course will gain up-to-date knowledge of the form, graphical representation, and methods of solving a quadratic equation. The concepts of parabolas and circles will also be covered extensively. Register for this course today if you want to improve your high school physics results.
High School Algebra: Solving Equations and Parabola
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This is a practical guide for solving linear equations, quadratic equations, and parabolas. In this course, the methods and rules for solving equations using addition and subtraction are discussed in practical terms. Learn about the properties to remember and procedures for solving equations using multiplication and division. You will be taught the applications of solving an equation and how to solve for a specific variable in a formula. Study solving equations by combining terms, solving equations containing parentheses, and graphing a solution set on the number line. Study the Cartesian coordinate system and quadrants together with the procedures of graphing linear equations. The slope-intercept, the point-slope, and the two-point forms of lines are also covered. Learn about the methods of solving systems of linear equations, evaluation of second-order determinants as well as potential complications. Then master the methods of solving systems of linear equations in three variables.

This course further demonstrates the procedures for graphing and solving systems of linear inequalities. You will learn about number line analysis in addition to the principles for solving quadratic inequality. The general form of a quadratic equation and the various ways of solving them by factoring will be explained. Study the concept of parabolas and the turning point or vertex of quadratic equations. Learn about procedures for solving a quadratic equation by graphing and the concept of double roots. Study the steps used in solving quadratic equations by completing the square and the application of the quadratic formula. The various natures of roots along with the sum and product of the roots will be explained. Taking this course gives you insight into the modern methods used in finding a quadratic equation whose roots are known. You will learn procedures for solving quadratic-linear systems graphically and algebraically. You also will be taught how to solve quadratic inequalities using methods of algebras and set theory. Learn how to solve quadratic inequalities using the method of number line analysis.

Lastly, the definition of a parabola, graphing of a parabola and the parabola with vertex at the origin will be covered by the material. The general form of and the methods for writing the equation of a parabola will be analyzed extensively. You will learn about the definition, standard equation, graphing, and general equation of a circle in the easiest way possible. Study the various real-world applications of circles and how to write the equation for one. Master variation, simplification of rational expression, and complex fractions. Finally, the procedure involved in the operations of rational expressions will also be covered. This course will be useful for those studying high school math who want to revise algebra to improve their results. There are no subscription or registration fees and you can complete the course for free.

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