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High School Algebra - Probability and Statistical Analysis

Learn about the techniques involved in probability and detailed statistical analysis in this free online course.

Publisher: ADU
Probability and Statistical Analysis is a free online course from Alison that discusses the principles and techniques of probabilities. Learn about Venn diagrams, methods of evaluating probabilities, and Bernoulli's experiments. In this course, you will explore the concepts of statistics, modes of displaying data, measures of dispersion, and normal distribution. Register for this course and begin your next learning journey today!
High School Algebra - Probability and Statistical Analysis
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Probability and Statistical Analysis is a free online course from Alison that provides learners with a solid guide in working with probability and statistical. Having difficulties applying the probability theory in predicting possible outcomes and learning the principles of probability? Then this course is for you! In this course, the definitions of sample space, as well as the tree diagram and fundamental principle of counting, will be discussed in practical terms. Learn about Venn diagrams as an additional means of visualizing probability ideas. Learners will be taught sample space, probability of simple events, and probability of compound events. Learn about the definition and the formula used in calculating empirical probabilities. Study the types and functions of probabilities in addition to the formula used in calculating theoretical probability. This course will also cover the evaluation of probabilities, the sum of probabilities, and complimentary events. Learn about simple probabilities, certainties, and impossibilities. You will be taught the probability of mutually exclusive or inclusive events. Learn about the extension of the fundamental principle of counting in the evaluation of the probability of various events.

Furthermore, this course analyzes the principle of counting and probability principles. You will learn how to solve the probability of independent and dependent events. A brief history and application of Bernoulli's experiments in addition to the conditions the Bernoulli's experiment must satisfy will be explained in this course. Study the probability of exactly 'x' successes in 'n' trials and the probability that at least (or at most) a certain number of successes will occur. Learn about the brief history and application areas of statistics. Study the techniques used requirements for sampling, ways of gathering data and the various classification of data. The measures and different types of central tendency in understanding the importance of an entire set of a given data will be explained in this course. Taking this course gives you insight into the application of the mean, median and mode. You will learn the various ways of representing, displaying and graphing data. Learn about the pictural graph representation of data and the steps used to determine the size of each sector of a pie graph.

Lastly, the definition and method of constructing a histogram from given data will be covered in this course. If you seek an understanding of the cumulative frequency histogram, polygon and constructing cumulative frequency histogram from data, this course is for you. Moreso, topics such as understanding percentiles, quartiles, and median will be analyzed extensively. You will learn about the method of determining the median for individual observations and the how to find the quartiles on the graph. You will study the various methods and the advantages of data dispersion along with mean absolute deviation, range, variance and square deviation.  Learn about the normal bell-shape distribution and the guidelines the normal curve is constructed by. This course will greatly benefit learners, students, researchers, enthusiastic Mathematicians, and all who have an interest in Algebra. Register for this course today and take your numeracy skills to the next level!

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