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Goal Setting Mastery

Based on years of research, this free course teaches you the principles of setting goals so you can achieve your dreams.

Publisher: Advanced Ideas
In this online goal-setting course, you will learn how the professionals teach people how to set goals for success. This course is based on years of research and success principles that are known to get results. Having these tools and strategies will make setting goals so much easier, increase the positive results you get, and help you achieve your goals in far less time.
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Learn goal-setting skills that can take your career, business or personal life to the next level. Any dream you have can come true faster and with fewer hassles, if you apply the skills you will learn in this training. Study what ‘goals’ really are and how goal setting can help you advance in life more quickly. The first section focuses on what goal setting can do for you and gives you your first goal-achieving techniques. You will also learn the Top 10 reasons why people fail when setting goals and how you can avoid these pitfalls. Many people don’t understand the importance of setting goals. They think it is enough just to be ‘moving forward’ on a daily basis. This is actually a formula for failure that this course will train you to avoid. You will be shown how to overcome the many pitfalls and mental traps people fall into that keep them from their goals and cause them to accomplish far less than they could.

The second section will teach you shortcuts to achieving your goals in less time than you thought possible. Many want to get more done in less time but have never been taught the techniques, strategies and ways of thinking that professionals use. You will be trained in how to use the unique tools of ‘visualization’ to help you create better goals and motivate you to take greater action. You also will master the proper way to set long- and short-term goals. By pairing these goals with tracking and accountability, you will more easily see and enjoy your progress and stay on track. Equally important is the training you will get on successful mindset conditioning that will make goal setting a natural part of your thinking and cut through unconscious limitations that hold you back. Finally, you learn how to have proper balance in your life that will boost your goal-setting gains and keep you happy and healthy. The course shows you how to overcome different challenges and difficulties that commonly throw people off track or create great discouragement. This section is all about being successful at goal setting and goal completion, while avoiding those pitfalls that lead most people to failure.

This goal-setting training course is perfect for anyone who has difficulty completing goals from start to finish. Anyone can quickly set a loosely defined goal and chase it but few can truly succeed and be happy with the results. If you have had challenges with setting the right goals, even with detailed plans and completing the goals despite challenges, you will be aided by the tools you will discover in this course. It is also ideal training for people who do set goals and complete them but want to strengthen and enhance their goal-setting skills. Goal setting is one of the top skills needed by anyone who wants to be successful in their career and personal life. This training can save you years of frustration, hassles, expense and lost time. It is ideal for parents, business people and young people starting out in life. This training can give you a great advantage and is a key skill for success in any area. If you are ready to accelerate your goals, this is the perfect course for you.

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