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Goal Setting – Control Your Own Life

Achieve personal success by becoming your own life coach and master the art of goal setting in this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
Discover how you can live a life of purpose, fulfilment and joy in this free, in-depth online course. You will master goal setting by learning to break up the abstract vision for your life into specific and achievable daily goals. We will introduce you to the seven major interlinked spheres for a balanced life brimming with happiness. You can be in control of your life as you learn the specific tips, techniques and tactics to achieve your goals.
Goal Setting – Control Your Own Life
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Robert F. Kennedy said, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” This course will enable you to master goal setting. You can set a life of purpose and design into motion by learning to set your own goals. We usually have questions like, “How can I achieve my life goals? How can I define what I want to accomplish?” Most people suffer from ill-defined goals. Or worse, no goals. The vision for your life may be vast, but you can achieve a joyous and prosperous life. In this free online course, renowned personal development expert TJ Walker will share his unique tips, techniques and ideas for achieving your life goals. This course will begin by gently guiding you on the path of taking complete control of your life, which is overloaded with messages, constant connectivity to the whole world and easy consumption of all kinds of stuff.

You can own your life by planning setting goals for every significant sphere of your life. In the next segment of this personal development course, you will learn about interlinking the seven major spheres of your life. What are the different spheres of life? Do we need to have separate goals for personal and professional development? As the course progresses beyond the standard advice of asking you to merely write down your goals, you will get answers to these questions. We will introduce you to a unique system of making goal setting an automatic part of your life and making it a daily habit. It is possible to reprogramme your brain and set bite-sized goals which you can achieve daily. You will learn to set seven levels of goals for each sphere of your life and have daily reminders, prompts and cues to consistently stay on track to turn these goals into reality.

Finally, you will learn about the unique Selfie Speak Programming method. This helps you to not only set your life goals but also helps in achieving them too. This course will offer much more than the usual good advice given in self-development books and lectures. We will provide a step-by-step, simple and easy guide to assist you in mastering goal setting, which will provide you with a long-term vision and motivation in the short term. Goal setting is useful because it allows you to effectively manage your time and resources and make the most of your life. It will act as a trigger for new behaviours and help you sustain the new momentum in your life. This course is also perfect for becoming a goal-setting coach in the growing training and coaching industry. Enrol now in the free online complete goal-setting course if you are ready to have a life with higher levels of happiness and fulfilment.

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