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Fundamentals of Semiconductors

Free online course on solar energy, measurement of solar radiation and making semiconductor devices.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online semiconductors course will introduce you to solar energy and its uses, solar radiation, quantifying and measuring solar radiation, atmospheric effects on solar radiation and the effect of location on time. You will also learn about calculating sunrise ans sunset, the basic principles of semi-conductors, properties of semi-conductors, measurement of resistivity, band diagrams and carrier recombination and generation.
Fundamentals of Semiconductors
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This course will be introduce you to solar energy, the uses of solar energy, the concept of solar radiation, the different matrices to quantify solar radiation, the fundamental aspects of solar radiation, the atmospheric effects on solar radiation, the effect of location on time, and identifying the basis of the Sun-Earth angular rotations.

You will also be introduced to various models of measuring solar radiation, various geometrical relations, sun-surface geometry for an inclined angle, the equation of time, how to calculate sunrise, sunset and day length with all the necessary adjustments, local apparent time, basic principles of semiconductors, structure of semi-conductor materials, and electrical properties of semiconductors.

Also, you will be introduced to the conductivity and resistivity of semi-conductors, the measurement of resistivity, the measurement of mobility, band diagram in semi-conductors, the concept of carrier diffusion, total current, the various forms of carrier generation and recombination, recombination-generation statistics, low-level injection methods and the conditions for low-level injection, surface recombination, photon absorption, momentum conservation, diffusion length, and direct and indirect (diffuse) bandgap semi-conductors. Start this course today and learn more about the fundamentals of semiconductors.

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