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Fundamentals of HTML

Learn about the fundamentals of HTML as well as the major updates made in HTML from this free online course.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
This free online course on the fundamentals of HTML will give you a comprehensive guide on the major updates available in HTML version 5 (HTML5). You will learn how to download, install, and customize ComodoreEdit, which is the free editing software in HTML5. Other key themes in this HTML course are learning about the new semantic elements along with differences between the placeholder attribute and the value attribute in HTML.
Fundamentals of HTML
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HTML is invaluable as a coding language and being adept with its features and framework is a great skill to have for aspiring coding professionals and those in the industry alike. This free online course on the fundamentals of HTML will begin by introducing you to the meaning of HTML as the basis of all things “internet”. The course highlights the major updates made in the latest version of HTML, which is HTML5, to help you understand how HTML works. You will then learn about the processes of downloading and installing Google Chrome and the free editing software known as Komodo Edit, along with the process of navigating the HTML directory.  

Have you ever wondered how the Document Object Model (DOM) works on a browser? This course is designed to teach you how to have a structured representation of your document loaded into the browser and also how to set up a custom appearance that differentiates your text editor from others. Have you ever noticed that your tags close themselves when you create an opening tag? This HTML course will explain the feature of this coding environment called the Commodore, which is responsible for the self-closing tag environment. You will also learn how to validate your HTML files using the World Wide Web Consortium, otherwise known as the W3C. Finally, the course material analyzes how viewers can navigate back to the top of the page after scrolling to the bottom of the page without having to scroll back and lastly, you will learn about the importance of images in HTML and be able to explain the difference between the placeholder attribute and the value attribute in HTML. 

This course is targeted at students or professionals in software development, IT enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning about the HTML coding language. Enrolling in this course could open a world of possibilities in your programming career by giving you the necessary knowledge about this fundamental coding language and its vast applications.

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