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Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

Learn of the fundamentals of digital image processing including image formation and geometry in this free online course

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online fundamentals of digital image processing course will be of great help to individuals interested in learning about the digital aspect of image processing. The course explains some important applications of digital image processing in diverse fields. By the end of the course, you will gain some basic understanding of how things work in the field of digital image processing. Those are great skills, so get started today.
Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
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This course begins by introducing you to the concept of digital image processing. You will learn about the numerous applications of digital image processing in the fields of medicine, automated inspection, and remote sensing. You will also learn about image digitization, signal reconstruction from samples, and also learn how to calculate the Fourier Transform of a convoluted signal.

The course then moves on to introduce the second phase of image digitization process - quantization of sample values. You will learn the rules and importance of quantization in image digitization. Afterwards, you will learn about pixel neighbourhood as the first relationship between the pixels of an image. You will also learn about the concept of connectivity, adjacency, the different types of adjacency and pixel neighbourhood.

Next, you will be introduced to simple basic mathematical transformations which will include translation, rotation, along with scaling in two-dimension and three-dimension. You will learn inverse perspective transformation, as well as gain an understanding of the relationship between the Cartesian coordinate system and a homogenous coordinate system. Finally, you will acquire a great skill of learning how camera calibration is done for any given imaging setup. Start this course today, and learn valuable skills in the fundamentals of digital image processing.

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