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Fundamentals of Chess: Middlegame

This free online course is a basic tutorial describing the fundamental tactics of the Chess middlegame.

Publisher: Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko
This course on Chess strategies helps you examine various game scenarios from a mathematical viewpoint. It provides you with an understanding of Chess tactics by analysing game examples and solving the outcome of complicated tactics. The course explores the main areas you must address and identifies the mistakes to avoid. We answer questions you might have like: 'What is the best way to start a game?' or 'Why develop pieces?'.
Fundamentals of Chess: Middlegame
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This course on the ‘Fundamentals of Chess: Middlegame’ provides accurate knowledge of game strategies and demonstrates the working principles of using them. It explains and defines the features and processes of understanding common moves, the development of pieces and their exchange. This course will help you analyse and create your own strategy for a better game. It provides answers to questions relating to complicated strategy, tactics, attacks, moves and how to connect your rooks. It then discusses complex examples and useful tactics.

Following this, the course prepares you for the study of games where you can see these strategies in action. You will be able to learn how to develop pieces correctly and how to convert them to your advantage. Next, you will discover how to evaluate games and moves from your opponent. Continuing this, it explains how to ‘castle’ early successfully. What is the best way to start a game? How can you develop your pieces? This course will clarify these questions.

This course will equip you with the skills needed to use and understand Chess strategies if you are a beginner. It provides precise and detailed methods you can involve in your movements. It touches on the fundamentals of Chess tactics in the middlegame and is ideal for those starting to play or for someone who wants to learn how to use and memorise advanced techniques. Register for this course and become confident in using these strategies.

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