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Fully Dynamic Pacman Game using JavaScript

Get coding and learn to create a fully dynamic Pacman game using JavaScript with this free online programming course.

Publisher: Laurence Svekis ✔
Explore the diverse world of JavaScript and learn how to create a fully dynamic Pacman game from scratch using JavaScript. This free online JavaScript course will teach you the methods required to dynamically generate the Pacman game boards, dynamically adjust screen sizes to automatically fit the client-screen, along with step-by-step demonstrations on how to apply the various JavaScript Functions, HTML Classes, and CSS Styling Properties.
Fully Dynamic Pacman Game using JavaScript
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Game development is a great, fun skill to have in your portfolio and this JavaScript online course will show you exactly how to use this programming language and JavaScript DOM Manipulation to create an interactive, functioning Pacman game. The main setup consists of the HTML file as the basic shell of the project, a CSS Style Sheet, and the JavaScript file. The game code is also logged out in the Google Chrome browser using DevTools. The first module of this course includes instructions on how to create the main assets that are needed for the Pacman Game. The module also provides demonstrations on how to use the JavaScript Query Selector to select the Pacman game elements, and how to create the Pacman game board and append items to it. Some other key content included in this section are methods for adding movement animations to the game and the use of JavaScript’s Math Random function to add logic to the Pacman ghosts’ movement.

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