Food Laws and Standards in the Dairy Industry

Learn about the functions of the food safety and standards authority in food industries in this free online course.

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This free online course explains how the industrialization of agricultural production and the increase in the number of food service establishments have been influential in ensuring processed and preserved food get to the consumers. Many countries have rules and regulations that guide the production of food products, and by the end of this course, you will have a better comprehension of food safety standards around the world.
Food Laws and Standards in the Dairy Industry
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This course explains the evolving challenges with new and emerging technologies in the food processing industry. The course describes how to solve challenges with new technologies, the importance of consumer education in the effective use of emerging technologies in processing and preservation of food products. You will learn about the major things consumers desire in food products and how food manufacturers strive to ensure they meet with these needs.

This course explains how food laws govern food quality and composition standards in a country, how several countries come up with their own suite of laws and provisions for food processing and preservation. This course is for you if you are concered about how the liberation trade between countries and the growing number of imported foodstuffs increase the risk to food safety.

This course then explains how inadequate food safety will potentially contribute significantly to the burden of diseases in countries if not well managed. You will learn about the main objectives of the food product order as well as its integration in maintaining sanitary together with hygienic conditions in the processing and preservation of food. This course concludes by explaining the natural production of raw milk and industrial practices that are put in place to increase the shelf life of milk.

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