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Floristry: Identifying Plants and Flowers

Master the strategies to become a successful florist with a look at the flower industry in this free online course.

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Flowers can play a major role in our memories, whether they are used for special events or everyday situations. A skilful florist can capture their beauty in an arrangement but floristry is more than that: it requires specialist knowledge of how to care for, handle and trade flowers properly. This free online floristry course covers all of a florist’s responsibilities and explores different business plans that can benefit your flower business.
Floristry: Identifying Plants and Flowers
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Flowers represent a wide range of emotions and can help mark special events. A skilful florist can capture the beauty that makes them a part of life’s memories but floristry requires expertise in handling, caring for and trading with flowers and plants. Did you know that images and descriptions of flower decorations have been found throughout history? Some of these artefacts date back to ancient Egypt and people have long used them to honour relatives. This course explores the responsibilities and requirements needed to become an effective florist.

Floristry can be rewarding, often involving travel to special events like marriages, christenings and corporate functions to create arrangements and displays. We provide easy-to-follow techniques designed to get started or advance your career in the industry. There are some basic things that potential employers seek that you need to know before you begin job-hunting. If you prefer to work for yourself, floristry is very flexible and you may instead open your own business but there are choices to make and options to examine before you decide to do so, starting with your choice of business model.

Marketing is crucial for a business to thrive and can be as simple as selling flowers on street corners or might entail something more sophisticated, like handing out attractive flyers. We lay out four basic marketing principles to guide you to success and any aspirant florists can gain a lot from this course as it covers specific techniques behind keeping flowers healthy, designing a business plan and establishing a good reputation with consumers. Sign up if you want to turn your love of flowers into a career.

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