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Financial Statement Analysis for Decision-Making

Learn financial statement analysis to understand how liabilities, assets, treasure and debt support decision making.

Publisher: NPTEL
Financial Statement Analysis for Decision Making' is a free online course that offers a detailed guide to applying ratio analysis on the financial statements of an organization for effective decision-making. Learn about the annual reports of a company, major categories of ratios, and their application in decision making for individuals and corporate entities. This course will improve your analytical and decision-making skills.
Financial Statement Analysis for Decision-Making
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Financial Statement Analysis for Decision-Making is a free online course that teaches the processes involved in analyzing an organization's financial statements for decision-making purposes. This course will improve your knowledge of the interactions between a company's financial statements and its business performance. The course begins with a discussion on the importance of the annual report to a company's stakeholders as well as the audited and published financial statements,

Next, you will learn about the financial assets and liabilities of a company. You will also study the treasury management function and the function of credit ratings. Then, you will analyze various ratios used in analyzing the financial health of an organization. You will also learn about the effects of debt on the capital structure and the effects of an economic recession. Finally, you will discuss different categories of ratios and the working capital requirement of a business.

This free online course will guide you through the process of analyzing and interpreting the financial statements of a company for effective decision-making. This course will be of interest to students, accountants, financial enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in applying information from financial statements and transactions. Register for this course and take your knowledge of financial accounting and decision-making skills to the next level!

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