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Exploring ASP.NET Core Fundamentals

This free online course outlines the utilization of the ASP.NET Core framework for building .NET Core applications.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
ASP.NET Core is a general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community. This free online course will teach you how it can be used to provide flexible deployment and how it can be ported to other operating systems. You will also learn how the command-line interface can be used to create and run .NET applications. If you want to develop your skills in ASP.NET Core’s enticing features, then be sure to enrol today.
Exploring ASP.NET Core Fundamentals
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'Exploring ASP.NET Core Fundamentals’ has been specially prepared to give you a comprehensive guide on the .NET Core technologies. Before working with the .NET Framework, it is important to understand the application features that the new technology will provide to other applications. This course will take you through the structure of the .NET Core, the steps involved in its utilization as well as fundamental architectural concepts. Have you considered using the command-line interface to create, build and run .NET applications? This course will teach you how to do that, including the number of commands that can be used to work on projects. It explains the necessary things that are required to get started as well as how to explore available resources.

Learn how to utilize this Microsoft open-source web framework and explore different projects using NET.exe that can be helpful to lay the foundation for building real-world applications. Also, this course explains the utilization of ASP.NET and will help you understand the features of the command line tools in the process of building an ASP .NET application. Do you know ASP.NET MVC can provide middleware inauguration with the configuration that hooks up the model–view–controller framework which can be used to build applications? It also analyzes the components of the .Net Core, as well as the role of the ASP.NET core in general .NET Core for the console application. If you have struggled to understand the importance of the ASP.NET framework and how it is adaptable to other frameworks, then this course is for you.

Furthermore, you will also learn about the procedure for creating different controllers that are inherited from different objects in classic ASP.NET. This course will take you through the features of the APP.USE and the APP.RUN methods, as well as how APP.USE can be implemented. You will also learn how to use the .NET Core project template and visual studio. The course will discuss how you can work on templates manually with VS Code, any text editor or the STK tools. Do you know that you can rip out and replace or modify the infrastructure in any way you need to make it work for your requirements? By completeing the modules, you will gain a better understanding of the basic ASP.NET Core project structure and the exploration of similar codes. Outlined in detail will be the reasons for the use of this development platform for new projects and the outcomes that can be achieved. This course will be of great interest to students, researchers, and anyone with an interest in creating applications using the ASP.NET Core framework. Register for this course and start your next learning journey today.

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