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Evolution of Solar Photovoltaic Technologies

Learn about the manufacturing processes of solar photovoltaic technologies in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online solar photovoltaic technologies course will introduce you to the second evolution in solar PV technologies, different grades of silicon, and CdTe solar cell production. Start the course and learn about solar PV technology such as conductivity in materials, organic solar cells device design, bi-layer solar cells, bulk hetero-junction solar cells, and exciting dye sensitized solar cells.
Evolution of Solar Photovoltaic Technologies
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This free online course will introduce you to the evolution in solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies. You will learn about the manufacture of silicon, the production of metallurgical grade silicon and all the processes involved. The course also covers topics such as the manufacture of CdTe solar cells, spray deposition of cadmium chloride, and CIGS manufacturing.

Next, the course introduces you to third generation PV technology. You will learn about the manufacture of organic solar cells, how the conductivity in materials is determined, bulk hetero-junction solar cells, dye sensitized solar cells and how they are excited, and issues with organic solar cells.

This course will appeal to learners with an interest in engineering, specifically in solar engineering, and those who would like to understand the working principles behind solar panels and the various manufacturing processes. Start this course now to learn about how solar PV technology has evolved over time and how these solar PV devices are manufactured.

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