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Evolution of Manuscript to Print

Learn about manuscripts, how the printing press evolved and the arrival of digital media in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Study the transition from the creation of manuscripts to the printed book in this free online course. You will learn about the importance of the printing press and the technology associated with writing and printing, as well as how manuscripts were used before the arrival of print and ways that printing technology changed manuscript culture. In addition, the course explores the concept of electronic literature and the arrival of digital media.
Evolution of Manuscript to Print
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Begin by exploring ways that printing changed manuscript culture and the techniques and materials that were used for writing. You will be shown the development of print technology and understand the differences between feudalism and capitalism. Also, you will be taught how technology has affected the history of text processing and its distribution. Furthermore, learn how development in Europe influenced text and the effect of the medium on the message being conveyed.

Next, study the effect the emergence of print had on Europe socially and politically from the 15th to 17th centuries. Delve into the motivation for printing and the concept of John Dryden's mock-heroic satire, 'Mac Flecknoe'. This course goes on to explain the influence of print on exploration and the concept of colonialism, showing you how print aided the scientific and technological advancement of Europe.

Then, develop an in-depth understanding of the changes in the perception of text with the coming of digital media. You will learn about word processing and the digital space, the effect of print on the oral universe, and hypertext support systems. Finally, explore the emergence of electronic literature and its characteristics. This course is important for learners who wish to get in-depth knowledge of how the printing press evolved and the future of print with the arrival of digital media.

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