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Ethics in Law Enforcement

Learn about moral and ethical issues at play in law enforcement regarding criminal justice with this free online course.

Publisher: BCcampus OpenEd
This free online ethical law enforcement training course teaches you about the key ethical issues of law enforcement, such as the ethical use or power and authority of officers, the differences in conformity, officers' conditioning investigations, and the ethical issues behind the Milgram experiment. You will also look into the accountability of law enforcement officers, the culture within law enforcement agencies/departments, and more.
Ethics in Law Enforcement
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Police departments are essential for a lawful civil society, by protecting citizens and enforcing law and order. This free online course on the ethical conduct of Law Enforcement will teach you about the moral and ethical issues that exist within law enforcement, from the importance of ethical behaviour in policing to the ethics involved in policing public demonstrations.

This training program begins by reviewing why ethical behaviour is important in society, and why ethics matter when pursuing a career in law enforcement as a professional. The course then discusses the accountability of the police, how they can be held to account for their actions, along with how police officers can be investigated for reports of such actions.

Next, the ethical issues around loyalty in the police force are discussed. The course also reviews what police subculture is, the socialization of new recruits into the subculture, and the roles that skepticism and cynicism play in law enforcement. Start this course today and learn about the moral and ethical issues that can exist within law enforcement.

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