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Ethical Hacker

Learn the basics of being an ethical hacker, and cybersecurity for systems and networks with this ethical hack

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online ethical hacking course teaches you about ethical hacking and becoming an ethical hacker. You will learn about reconnaissance, protocols, Windows hacking, attacking web technologies, and pen testing wireless networks. You will look into administrative controls, technical controls, and physical controls as well as study confidentiality, integrity, availability of data, and other basics of ethical hacking.
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    5-6 Hours
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This free online course Ethical Hacker will provide you with an understanding of the process of penetration testing systems to improve security. You will learn about reconnaissance; the observation and exploration of systems to better understand security features and potential threats. You will be able to explain the protocols of ethical hacking, such as TCP/IP, ICMP, ARP, and DNS. You will also learn about hacking with the Windows operating system.

This course then explains the types of attacks on web technologies. You will learn about denial of service attacks and other web-based cyber attacks. You will also learn about securing systems against such attacks and attackers, and will be of great interest to those who work in cybersecurity for systems and networks.

This course then wraps up with penetration testing for wireless networks. You will learn how to best secure wireless networks against attacks. You will also learn about the various types of wireless networks such as types a, b, g, and n under the 802.11 protocol. By taking this course you will learn the basics of being an ethical hacker. So why wait? Start the course today and learn more about cybersecurity for systems and networks.

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