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Equipment Management - Moving Earth and Equipment Life in Construction

In this free online course, learn about the factors involved in Equipment Management and Equipment Life.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online course, learn that you should consider the equipment’s costs to make an accurate estimation of the optimum replacement time of each piece of equipment. The two methods that are used to determine the equipment replacement time, which are the minimum cost and maximum profit methods, will also be discussed. Boost your equipment management knowledge and skills by studying this comprehensive course.
Equipment Management -  Moving Earth and Equipment Life in Construction
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Do you want to become an expert in profitable equipment management? This course will enable you to make decisions that are concerned with the process of figuring out the point at which it's no longer economically feasible to keep a machine after it has completed its life cycle. You will be able to determine the useful economic life of any equipment at your disposal by conducting a replacement analysis by comparing the one you have with the alternative equipment. Gain insight into the fact that the length of the equipment’s life depends on preventive maintenance and the nature of the project working conditions. You will learn about the two methods that are used to determine the most appropriate time to replace your equipment. These are the minimum cost and maximum profit methods. Under the minimum cost method, the decision to replace equipment is made when the estimated annual cost of the current machine for the next year exceeds the minimum average yearly cumulative cost of the replacement.

You will then figure out that under the maximum profit method, the decision to replace the equipment is made when the estimated annual profit of the defender for the next year falls below the maximum average annual cumulative profit of the challenger. Is it possible to estimate the costs associated with the ownership and the operation of equipment? This course will answer this and other questions. Discover the expenses related to scenarios where one of your machines is not working during a project due to repairs. This lack of use is essential because any loss of productivity increases production costs. You will need to engage more equipment to catch up on the initial production rate. This knowledge will help you figure out that when the cumulative cost is at its lowest point, then the equipment has reached the end of its economic life. With this valuable skill, you will be able to save a lot of money by deciding at the right time to replace that special equipment as you will be aware that repair costs tend to increase relative to the age of the equipment.

Next, you will learn about the engineering fundamentals of earthmoving equipment and the different types of machines that are used in applications that require the movement of the soil. What is the significance of performance charts in construction? You will find out that a performance chart enables you to figure out the performance of any machine under different project conditions. This will be very helpful to you as an estimator because you will decide which equipment to select for particular projects as you prepare your bids. Finally, you will study the coefficient of traction, equipment power requirements, the material weight correction factor, economic haul distance, and the factors that control the productivity of a bulldozer. This course will be of interest to civil engineers, project estimators, or students interested in learning about construction and equipment life management. Why wait? Start this course today and become a construction and equipment management expert.

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