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Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Employment

Learn about the challenges involved in the leadership transitions from the solutions and characteristics of a good CEO.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online course, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Employment, you will learn about the characteristics of a good CEO, founder, or non-founder, along with the power and responsibility of advocacy in entrepreneurship. You will also be enlightened on the issues that founders, co-founders, and family firms encounter including youth unemployment trends. Start this course today and improve your awareness of entrepreneurial issues.
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Employment
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This free online Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Employment course will expose you to the need for professionalism in start-ups and the appropriate time for development of start-ups. You will be enlightened on the challenges involved in leadership transitions with possible solutions. You will learn about the characteristics of a good CEO, founder, the power and responsibility of advocacy in entrepreneurship. Moving on, you will be introduced to leadership essentials related to managing entrepreneurial firms and the entrepreneurial enterprises which have moved along to become mainstream companies. 

Next, in this free online course, you will discover the comparison between entrepreneurs and leaders. You will understand why co-founding is a powerful lever in entrepreneurship and the challenges of a co-founder management. Also, you will be enlightened on issues in founders, co-founders and family firms. This will lead you into the importance and processes for leveraging entrepreneurship towards generating employment in the economy. Moving forward, you will be exposed to the linkage between entrepreneurship and employment. 

Lastly, you will learn about industrial transformations ideal for new entrants. Also, you will discover the balance between failure versus success, youth unemployment trends and the employment market where informal jobs are predominant. Most importantly, you will also learn about potential areas of entrepreneurship-driven employment and the advantages of formalizing employment. By the end of this free online course, you will know the characteristics of a good CEO and how to become one, in order to make your entrepreneurial firm a success. Start learning today.

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