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Entrepreneurship - Copyright and Industrial Design

In this free online course, you will learn how to sustain your business using copyright and industrial design.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course in entrepreneurship covers two specific types of Intellectual Property (IP), copyright and industrial design. Learn about the definition of these concepts, how to file an application and the registration procedure to follow. You will be taught about the remedies available in the case of infringement of copyright or industrial design. Case studies will highlight the practical aspects of these IPs.
Entrepreneurship - Copyright and Industrial Design
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In this world where the scramble for abundance is the daily endeavour, entrepreneurship, although challenging, is by far the most guaranteed way to become prosperous. Nowadays, wealth is achievable when the entrepreneur has a good knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) and uses it on their entrepreneurial path. This course will teach two of these fundamental themes in entrepreneurship, namely copyright and industrial design. Copyright refers to the legal right of the owner of the Intellectual Property, the right to copy. Only the original creators of products and anyone they gave the authorisation to the exclusive right to reproduce the work. You will learn that you are the only one entitled to reproduce the work or create derivative works based on having secured the copyright. Also, you will be the only one to distribute copies of the work to the public or to display or perform the work publicly. What is the registration procedure to secure copyright? This course gives a detailed answer to that burning question.   

As you work through the course, you will learn about another IP-related theme, industrial design. Though a comprehensive legal definition of this concept is presented, it is worthy of highlighting some of its most important points, notably the article’s novel features, which should be delivered as a finished article, and the necessity to be visible. The industrial design should contrast to the product design. Product design is the development concept moving from research, the initial phase of the product’s lifecycle, and focuses mainly on the features and qualities. You will learn that industrial design, a process that comes into the picture after product design, is meant to make the product very attractive, thus increasing its value. All over the world, companies such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and LG Electronics, and Man Truck and Scania CV AB, to list just a few, are very prominent in industrial design. Are you eligible for an industrial design application? The course will specify the procedure to secure that IP and help you solve this dilemma.      

Once IP is secure, be it copyright or industrial design, there is invariably a possibility of infringement. Infringement of Intellectual Property is unauthorised use of it. You will learn that in the case of industrial design infringement, the similarities between the two designs, rather than the differences, are subject to consideration. For copyright, the infringement elements include the work as the author’s original creation, the fact that the defendant copied the author’s work, and the substantial similarities. Are there some remedies for IP infringement? Naturally, and this course will give you all the details about any violation and the amendments available. Furthermore, how to secure and manage the IP portfolio created as your enterprise develops is taught. The course will be of great interest to any business person who might want to thoroughly understand copyright and Industrial design. Students and prospective entrepreneurs will find it particularly valuable. Start this course today and refine your understanding of entrepreneurship, copyright and Industrial design!

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