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English Grammar - Articles & Nouns (Intermediate level)

Learn how to use articles and nouns in English with this free online intermediate English grammar course.

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This free online English language course will teach you about narratives. You will learn how to put together different tenses and narrative verb forms to tell stories effectively. You will study the past, present, and future forms of verbs and look at how they compare with past forms. This course will also discuss the role of collocations in English narratives as well as teach you how to construct your own narrative using a guide.





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This course will first introduce you to countable and uncountable nouns. Countable nouns refer to something that can be counted such as 'key' and have both singular and plural forms. You will learn that the article 'a' or 'an' precedes their singular form such as 'a key'. Uncountable nouns are not typically counted and usually do not have a plural form, although there are exceptions. You will learn that uncountable nouns are not preceded by 'a' or 'an'.

You will then learn how to use 'few' and 'many' with plural countable nouns as well as 'little' and 'much' with uncountable nouns. As you go further, you will study the rules on using the articles 'a' and 'an', which you will find easy as long as you know your English vowels and consonants. The course will also teach you how to use the article 'a' to specify how much and how often, as well as the rules for the article 'the'.

The grammar rules on articles and nouns are some of the easiest but most important to learn in the English language, which is why you will find the lessons in this course really rewarding. This intermediate level grammar course is also designed to improve your English reading comprehension and listening skills, and to make your learning journey really enjoyable. So, have a look at the course today, and improve your English skills a little bit more!

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Define countable and uncountable nouns and justify why we can't use numbers with uncountable nouns
  • Explain how countable nouns can be singular or plural and why uncountable nouns have only one form
  • Decribe why we use articles with singular countable nouns but not usually with uncountable nouns
  • List examples of using some, any, few and many with plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns
  • Summarize how some nouns can be used as countable and uncountable


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