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English Grammar and Vocabulary - Travel (Advanced Level)

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English Grammar and Vocabulary - Travel (Advanced Level)
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  • In this course, English Grammar and Vocabulary - Travel (Advanced Level), you will learn to use common travel-related idioms and expressions; adjectives for describing travel destinations; vocabulary for talking about accommodation and air travel; linking words for expressing reason, purpose and result (due to, owing to, consequently etc.); the present continuous for future arrangements; the future with going to; the future perfect and future continuous; expressions for talking about the near future (to be due to, to be about to etc.).

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  • After completing this course you will be able to:

    • Justify why we sometimes use in order to/so as to and at other times to + infinitive.
    • State the difference in meaning between the present continuous for future arrangements and the future with going to.
    • Trace the vocabulary studied for describing accommodation and air travel.
    • Review the most appropriate linking words used to express reason, purpose and result.
    • Analyse the most appropriate travel-related idioms for the given context.
    • Review how we use the phrases 'to be due to', 'to be on the point of', 'to be about to'.
    • Summarise the use of the future perfect and the future continuous.
    • Review the use of common adjectives for describing travel destinations. Explain what certain noun phrases connected to travel mean.

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