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Engineering System Designs: Architectural Development & Decomposition

This free online course in Engineering System Design explains how output converts functions into physical architecture.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course in Architectural Development & Decomposition covers the functions to be provided in an engineering system in order to provide the necessary output to convert these functions into physical architecture. This course teaches learners how to break down complex entities into sub-parts to determine a potential group of tasks that might be performed simultaneously; or tasks that need special attention during the design process.
Engineering System Designs: Architectural Development & Decomposition
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In this course on Engineering System Designs: Architectural Development & Decomposition, you will learn about the second phase of any system design project. Architectural design is concerned with understanding how a system should be organized, while Decomposition is breaking down complex problems or systems into parts that are easier to conceive. This course outlines the steps to be taken to design a system that meets the physical requirements outlined by the client. It describes the steps taken and in what order they need to be taken, to achieve the required outcome.

You will be introduced to the theories of Architectural Development and Decomposition and have a solid understanding of the different design concepts available. This course will also discuss how you can apply the design techniques to improve the quality of designs developed. This is widely applicable to many domains; and explains how to set up systems to carry out tasks and execute their goals.

By the end of this course, you will develop new perspectives, capabilities, and insights that can be applied to any calling or discipline. It satisfies the General Education Criteria for students considering a career in Digital design, junior-level computer engineering and electrical engineering. Start the course today and give your professional skills and knowledge a solid boost.

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