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Electrical Fundamentals

Develop a solid foundation of the fundamentals of electrical technology in this free online course on Alison.com

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If you are looking for an understanding of electrical technology, then building a solid foundation is crucial. This free course on Alison.com is going to take you through the key concepts and laws of electrical technology. From basic terms and formulas to understanding circuits and electrical safety procedures, this course caters to all your requirements. So don't wait and start your learning journey today to succeed.
Electrical Fundamentals
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Are you aware that every substance around is made up of the tiniest of particles called atoms? And that these atoms are responsible for creating electricity that is running most of the things on our planet today? If not, then you have come just to the right place. This course will be providing you with all the knowledge on electrical technology fundamentals and gradually build on those rudimentary concepts. We kick-off with the basic knowledge about atoms and particles that make up an atom i.e. charges. Concepts like valency, conductors, semiconductors, and insulators will all be analyzed by the learner. Building on these concepts, the focus will move on to the description of current, electromotive force (EMF), work, and energy. Along the way, we will be looking at formula charts and illustrations of how these concepts are actually used and applied not just at the workplace but also in many appliances around us on a day-to-day basis.  

Moving on with your learning, our focus will be shifting towards important electrical devices called resistors, capacitors, and insulators. An analysis of each of these devices will be carried out in detail. The key principles behind their work, the application of these devices, their types will all be part of the learning material in this section. Some important laws and effects associated with these devices will also be discussed during the course of our studies. Important items like Joule’s law, Ohm’s law, and Kirchhoff’s current and voltage law will also be discussed. Over the years, scientists also discovered some important effects of electric current during their experiments. Some of their key findings include the chemical effect of electric current. The Peltier, Thomson, and Seebeck effects were all-important observations made along the way of electrical theory evolution. All these effects will be part of the learners learning items and will be explained with illustrations in detail.

Towards the final part of the course, the learners attention will be directed towards DC circuits. The sources of DC current, both in series and in parallel, will be discussed. Another key aspect of DC circuits is a voltage and current divider which will be analyzed in-depth as we move along with our studies. Finally, static electricity and stray currents will be looked at in detail. The various sources and application of both static electricity and stray currents will be described. Are you aware of the hazards of electricity? We have all heard and seen cases of electrical shock by wires or thunder and lightning. This course will not only help you understand the dangers of electrical shocks and hazards but it will also provide you with the necessary safeguards and precautions necessary in order to prevent such incidents from happening to and around you. We live in a world that is hugely dependent on electricity. Not just our workplaces but our houses and lives are filled with items that cannot function without electricity. Whether you want to understand the concepts of electricity in order to satisfy your curiosity or you are looking to develop a career in electrical science, this course has got you covered. So don’t waste any more time. Click on the course and start your journey towards the fulfillment of your objectives with this free online course on Alison.com today!

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