Dynamic Slot Machine using JavaScript DOM

Learn how to build a dynamic and interactive slot machine game using JavaScript DOM in this free online course.

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Creating games is one of the best fun projects you can ever execute. Games are easily enjoyed by the end users and used as one of the pastime activities. Do you want to use your basic knowledge of web design to create a dynamic slot machine game in JavaScript? This free online, Dynamic Slot Machine using JavaScript DOM course, will teach you all the functionalities and basic codes you need to create a fun interactive slot game for your end-users.
Dynamic Slot Machine using JavaScript DOM
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The course begins by giving you a general overview of what to expect from the course, you will then proceed to set up the HTML file to add JavaScript coding. You will learn how to create the HTML game container element and link it to JavaScript source files. Then you will learn how to create the game elements in JavaScript by using the DOM content-loaded event to build a game board once the DOM is loaded and ready to use. You will also learn how to create an element maker function to generate elements within the JavaScript code, add and append new elements to the parent, add a class, element tag, and HTML content within the element. Then you will proceed to update styling with CSS to set dynamically created elements on the web page.

Furthermore, you will learn to add animation frames to create a smooth movement of elements using the window request animation frame method. The course will teach you how to create a movement for the slot wheels with JavaScript. You will do this by updating the position of the element on the page and restacking the order of elements within a parent element, getting element property values to use within the code to update position, and offsetting top with JavaScript. You will learn how to set conditions and calculations to manipulate element style positions, top and left to create an animation of elements with JavaScript code. The course will also teach you how to create JavaScript game movement and how to debug your application in order to create and optimize gameplay.

Finally, you will learn how to create a final tally object that can be used to calculate the final results for the player in your JavaScript slot machine game, track matches and number of occurrences to be able to apply calculations on a win. Then you will learn how to improve visuals, test the gameplay to ensure proper functionality, update the global game object values to test dynamic content and gameplay and how to use colours to add more appeal to gameplay. This course is for you if you want to learn how to create a fun, interactive, dynamic slot machine game using JavaScript. Enroll now to start learning and get creative with your coding skills.

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