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Drug Delivery - Controlled Release Systems and Hydrogel Classification

Master the mathematics and systems of controlled drug release and the chemistry of hydrogels in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online biochemistry course on controlled release systems and hydrogel classification covers the fundamentals and mathematics of CR and distinguishes between reservoir systems and non-erodible matrix systems. It classifies hydrogels and compares their different types, as well as analyzing their cross-linking chemistries.
Drug Delivery - Controlled Release Systems and Hydrogel Classification
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Learn the properties, uses and mathematics of controlled release (CR) systems in this specialist course. This includes reservoir systems as well as non-erodible matrix systems and the fundamental differences between erodible and non-erodible systems. They will help explain an important aspect of drug delivery and why a controlled release in some instances is exceptionally important. 

You will then study the chemical make-up of hydrogels and learn their fascinating properties and how to classify them. Study the polymer charges within synthetic and natural hydrogels and how to synthesize them. There are multiple types of hydrogels to learn and compare, but most importantly you will be analyzing their cross-linking chemistries and how these alter the hydrogels.

Finally, you will be taught how to compute the mathematics of hydrogels and their different calculations. This course covers a small, yet highly interesting part of drug delivery, and will allow for a meaningful look into a detailed pool of biochemical knowledge.

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