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Dropshipping - Bootstrapping a New Online Business

Learn about dropshipping, its measures, constraints and the way forward for the future, in this free online course.

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Are you curious to learn about dropshipping and how to adopt this model as your preferred method of e-commerce? Throughout this course, we will cover all important aspects related to a dropshipping business, including its expenses, common problems and management of the supply chain. In addition, you will familiarize yourself with the six most popular platforms that you can use for your dropshipping business.
Dropshipping - Bootstrapping a New Online Business
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With the ever-changing trends in the global economy, people are looking to adopt alternative business methods, with dropshipping being among them. With this free course, you will be introduced to the basics required to start a dropshipping business. The contents have been prepared to give a brief insight into dropshipping to those interested in this type of business. Although the dropshipping method is relatively simple to understand compared to the other e-commerce methods, it is essential to consider several factors before starting this type of business.

Well-prepared training material introduces dropshipping to you in an accessible manner through easy-to-comprehend text and images. Various critical aspects related to dropshipping - such as its benefits, feasibility comparison, the introduction of the dropshipping supply chain, and the various problems dropshippers come across while in business - are taught in-depth in order to give you a comprehensive overview of this sales model.

Learn about the types of expenses dropshippers will be faced with in the business and determine the ‘must-dos’ to undertake while starting a dropshipping business. There are six renowned platforms used for dropshipping in the world of e-commerce, which you will gain detailed insight into, discovering the pros and cons of each. If you wish to start your own dropshipping business but are unsure of where to begin, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of dropshipping. This is the best course for beginners and makes comparisons between WooCommerce, Shopify and AliExpress.

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