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Drawing Characters in Adobe Illustrator

Learn, design, and create stunning flat vector characters in Adobe Illustrator with this free online course.

Publisher: Jonathan Lam
Ever wondered how those amazing characters or images you saw on a logo or website are created. Do you also want to design such stunning images or characters all by yourself? If yes, then this free online course is perfect for you. The Step by Step tutorial guide you to easily learn all the basic tools and techniques of Adobe Illustrator to help you quickly design and create impressive Flat vector characters or images of your own.
Drawing Characters in Adobe Illustrator
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Adobe Illustrator is Software used for designing stunning vector graphics, illustrations, shapes, characters, or other related matter for print, web, and other mediums. It is the preferred choice for designers, illustrators, artists, or creative amateurs around the globe. The best thing about illustrator is that it is easy to learn and navigate. This free course by Alison is designed to teach you to create three distinct characters using simple vector shapes. You will be familiarized with all the basic menus, tools, and techniques of Adobe Illustrator to help you with the job.

The course is divided into three different modules. Each module is further divided into different topics to help you understand all the processes in an easy way. The first module teaches you to use simple vector shapes to draw three different body-type characters. The second module helps you create an imposing vector knight while the third and the last module guide you to design and create a magnificent Orc character, all using simple vector shapes.

So if you are somebody who is always fascinated by different vector characters or art watching them on print, signboards, or web and wants to design and create your own then this course is best suited for you. This course is also perfect for illustrators, graphic designers or a digital game artist who wants to revise and update their skills on Adobe illustrator to gain more creative opportunities. Enroll now and have fun by learning to create stunning flat characters by modifying simple vector shapes and drawings in adobe illustrator.

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