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Diploma in Trigonometry for General Studies

This free online course outlines the application of trigonometry functions and identities in math and real-life problem.

Publisher: ADU
Diploma in trigonometry for general studies is a free online course specially prepared to give you a comprehensive understanding of various rules, concepts and application procedures of trigonometry. You will learn about angle conversions, Pythagorean identities and inverse trigonometric functions. You will also learn about the classification of angles and polar coordinates. Register for this course for theoretical and practical knowledge of Trig
Diploma in Trigonometry for General Studies
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Diploma in trigonometry for general studies is a free online course that covers step by step procedures for solving different trigonometric problems. The techniques in trigonometry are used for finding relevance in navigation particularly satellite systems and astronomy, naval and aviation industries, oceanography and land surveying. These are the scientific applications of the concepts in trigonometry, but most of the math we study would seem to have little real-life application. So, is trigonometry relevant in your day-to-day activities? Yes, it is! This course will prepare you for real – life problems that can be solved using trigonometry. What is trigonometry? Trigonometry as the name may suggest is about right-angled triangles and is one of the most valuable branches of mathematics. It is an important tool for measuring angles. Trigonometry is a complex subject that can take some time for students to learn. The functions involved in trigonometry are quite different from the problem-solving techniques used in other math problems. Therefore, students will need to practice to make progress. However, this course will make your learning process easy, detailed and interesting.

This course will introduce you to effective and progressive uses of trigonometry which analyzes and simplifies equations using various trigonometric functions. It outlines the formulas for the basic identities and proceeds to show you how to prove for identities in trigonometry. You will learn how to find the sine, cosine and tangent of the sum or difference of two angles. If you want to learn about special right- angle triangles, similar triangles and the methods for proving similar triangles, this course comes highly recommended. While working with trigonometry, it is important to understand the relationship between trigonometric functions and their products. This course will identify the formula for converting the sum to products and vice versa. You will learn about the measurements of angles, how to convert from degree and radians as well as how to determine the arc of a circle. This course explores in detail inverse trigonometric functions. It analyzes reference or related angles and the formulae for finding the reference angle when the terminal ray of the angle lies in quadrants II, III and IV.

Furthermore, this course will teach you how to find the values of the trigonometric functions using a special property called the even and odd properties. When working in polar coordinates, we would often stop to think how far do we have to move from the pole, and in which direction? This course will help you plot points accurately on a polar coordinate system. This course discusses the graph for the six trigonometric functions. For each graph, this course considers period, amplitude, frequency, domain and range. It discusses the angle of elevation and depression as well as the line of sight. Do you want to learn how to solve for the missing lengths and angle measures of a triangle? This course is recommended.Trigonometry is not narrowed to one career path; therefore, this course is for everyone with an interest in the working knowledge of trigonometry. It is important to complete this course for a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, rules and application of trigonometry in general studies. So, register for this course and start your learning today.

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