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Diploma in Toyota Production System

Learn about the key principles and practices of the Toyota Production System with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course explains the principles and practices used in the Toyota Production System. You will learn how several manufacturing approaches are effectively used in Toyota. This course will be great interest to operations managers, industrial engineers and professionals who need to know the best practices in operations. Start this course and learn how to ensure no waste and consistently high quality in production processes.
Diploma in Toyota Production System
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This free online course explains why manufacturing is one of the most important activities for wealth generation, and there is an increasing interest in developing high-quality manufacturing activities. This course explores how Toyota consistently raises the bar in areas such as manufacturing, product development, and process excellence. The result is an amazing business success story with Toyota steadily taking market share from competitors, earning more profit than any other automaker, and winning the praise of business leaders worldwide.

The course begins by examining various aspects of Toyota’s approach to high-quality manufacturing activities, and also focuses on how  to achieve sustainability through excellence in operations. You will learn how Toyota consistently focuses on what is needed, when it is needed, at every stage of production. The course also discusses how Toyota always ensures that there is no waste and that there is consistently high quality in their production processes.

Next, you will learn how Toyota ensures that production lines are always stocked with all the right parts, in the right sequence as production begins. New stocks are always delivered at the right time and in the right quantity such that there is not interruption or slow down in the production process. You will learn how Toyota uses a Kanban system which is central to their just-in-time process, providing an automatic and real time method to replenishing parts with focus on higher quality and lower cost. Start this course today and learn about the key principles and practices of the Toyota Production System.

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