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Diploma in Sociology

Learn about societal structures, how cultures evolve, and the social processes that change them, with this free course.

Publisher: OpenStax College
This free online sociology course will give you an overview of important sociological knowledge, and introduce you to the main methods of using sociology to effectively manage societal problems. The study of sociology is crucial for planning and understanding society. A society is a complex phenomenon with multiple facets and interacting elements. It is impossible to solve its numerous problems without the support of sociology.
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    10-15 Hours
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The course starts by introducing you to sociology and providing an overview of culture. It then overviews the evolution of societies, particularly in the industrial and post-industrial era. You will then learn why socialization is important and the problems people face if they are not socialized into the society in which they live. Within a society, there are various groups and subgroups that people live within. This course will look into the different types of groups such as familial or political groups, how they are formed, and how they compete.

Race and ethnicity are among the most common markers of inequality globally. This course will look into the roles and behaviors of both dominant and subordinate groups and how stereotyping perpetuates discrimination. It further discusses gender, sex, and educational inequalities and the different impacts these have on individuals. You will also learn about the roles family, government, politics, and religion have on society as a whole. Finally, the course will guide you through the main research methods and techniques that are used for carrying out sociological research.

Sociology can be incredibly interesting. It can show people how they fit into the world, and at same time how others perceive them. It also challenges people to see the world in a more complex and interconnected way, which can help them navigate through the world much more effectively. Not least, knowledge of sociology can open up a wide range of career opportunities in companies and organizations around the world. This course can get all of that started for you, in just a few short hours.

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