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Diploma in Relationship Between Structure, Form and Architecture

Learn about architecture, form, the different structural systems and their properties in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online diploma course on Relationship between Structure, Form and Architecture will teach you about basic structural properties and their behavior. You will learn about the effects of natural disasters on buildings, as well as the relationship between structure and architecture and how they relate from the past and present times. This course will greatly increase your knowledge about the buildings you see everyday, so get started today.
Diploma in Relationship Between Structure, Form and Architecture
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This free online course on Relationship between Structure, Form and Architecture will teach you about the synergy between the three in creating structurally strong architecture that is functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. This course illustrates the importance of selection of structural materials that ensure the strength, safety and durability of a structure.You will also learn about the evolution of architecture from primitive times to current modern times.

This course begins by introducing you to structure, form and architecture, how structure is an integral part of form. You will learn about structural transformation in architectural history, factors affecting the structural forms as well as animal architecture. You will then learn about structural systems such as compressive, load bearing, and temporary structures. Furthemore more you will be introduced to different types of structures, shell and membrane structures, as well as structure and architectural forms. Lastly, you will learn about exterior and interior structures in high-rise buildings.

This free online course will give you an in-depth understanding about the relationship between structure, form and architecture. You will learn about the history and innovation of architecture through the different eras. You will learn about how the interpretation of structure and architecture is constantly changing. This course will be of great interest for future architects, engineers and professionals in this field. Start this course today and increase your knowledge on architecture, structure and form.

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