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Diploma in Product Design and Innovation

Obtain a diploma and learn all about innovating and designing a new product from this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on product design and innovation will teach you about the essentials of innovative product design to ensure improved product experience for the end-users. Learn about lead user innovation, the product design process, and how to conduct user research. You will also learn about contextual inquiry principles, product prototyping, and user experience. Begin this diploma program and improve your product design skills today.
Diploma in Product Design and Innovation
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    10-15 Hours
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Designing a new product involves analytical processes and a problem-solving approach to enhance the quality of life of the end-user and his or her interaction with the environment. This online diploma training program will guide you through the key processes to ensure a successful product design and will demonstrate the recommended guidelines in product design to ensure optimal usage and satisfaction.

The course begins with an introduction to the innovation-decision process and the steps in the design-inspired innovation process. You will also learn about lead user innovation and approaches to product design process. Furthermore, you will study the functional strategies of products and product packaging considerations. You will then discuss the problems of user research for user study as well as the principles of contextual inquiry and need identification. Next, you will learn about the principles of ergonomics and the effects of human factors in product design. Finally, you will analyze the methods of concept generation, product prototyping, and evaluating user-product interaction.

This free online product design course will teach you the basics of breakthrough innovations as well as the technicalities of product design to suit various human factors. This course will be of great interest to manufacturers, entrepreneurs, employees, students, and anyone with an interest in understanding the essentials of product design process and great user-product experience. So, check out this course today and improve your knowledge on successful product design and innovation.

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