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Diploma in Mental Health Studies

Gain mental health awareness and help reduce the stigma of mental illness with this free online course on mental health.

Publisher: MEDCoE
Research shows that one in four adults experience some form of mental health problems during their lifetime. This is why mental health is becoming an increasingly important aspect of health provision worldwide. How can we better inform people about mental health issues and reduce the extent of mental distress in our society? This mental health studies will help you gain a better understanding of the causes and treatments for mental health issues.
Diploma in Mental Health Studies
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Having an understanding of mental health and mental illness does not only help the individuals concerned but also their families and friends. With this Diploma in Mental Health course, you will learn about the issues of stigma and discrimination, as well as discuss the importance of the promotion of mental well-being. You will also be able to differentiate people with normal behavior from those with mental distress and identify a range of neurotic and psychotic behavioral tendencies.

A lot of people may keep quiet when it comes to topics about suicide. This should not be the case. Instead, we should all be in the know about preventative treatment measures as well as how to identify the signs, symptoms, and causes of burnout and depression. This mental health study course will not only tackle these issues but also cover the range of personality disorders, phobias, neurotic behaviors, and the complex area of substance abuse.

Having a deeper understanding of what mental health problems may bring is not just for mental health counselors and other professionals in the social and health industry. It is also helpful for anyone who has experienced mental health issues personally and those with a general interest in this health area. By taking this course, you will greatly improve your chances of helping someone (including possibly yourself) deal with serious mental health issues. That is an invaluable thing to learn.

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