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Diploma in International Tourism including English Language Studies

Learn about the exciting career opportunities in the modern tourism industry with this free online course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online tourism course will guide you through the career opportunities that await in the tourism industry. Tourism is of great importance in the modern economy of many countries and regions around the world, generating over one trillion dollars in revenue annually. By the end of this course, you will be have a much stronger understanding of the modern tourism industry and the English language skills necessary to start a career in it.
Diploma in International Tourism including English Language Studies
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This course will first discuss the history of travel. You will study ancient and medieval travel, Renaissance and modern travel, and travel in the USA. You will then look into the factors that influence travel which include the modes of transport, accommodation, time, money, and motivation. You will study the career opportunities in airlines, on cruises, and in travel agencies. The course will also cover tourist attractions, tourist amenities, and transport systems.

You will then look into the different reasons for travel including traveling for pleasure and business travel. The course will discuss the different travel destinations, the appeal of warm climates and sandy beaches to tourists, and the three types of tourist cities including historic, modern, and hybrid. You will also study important, advertising methods and promotional campaigns. Then you will look into tour packages, retail travel agencies, and online travel services.

Finally, you will study English language skills for hotel reception and front desk as well as restaurant service - two vital sectors in the tourism industry. You will cover topics such as reservations, complaints and taking customer orders. This course will give you exactly the knowledge and confidence you need to start your career in tourism. So why wait? Start your learning journey today.

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