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Diploma in High School Algebra II

Learn about the modern approach to understanding the principles and techniques of algebra in this free online course.

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Diploma in Regents Exam in Algebra II is a free online course from Alison that lays out a modern approach to the understanding of the principles and techniques of algebra. Scholars who take this course will attain a mastery command of solving equations, working with functions and sequences. You will learn trigonometric function, probability and statistical analysis. Register for this course today and begin a new and thrilling learning journey!
Diploma in High School Algebra II
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Diploma in High School Algebra II is a free online course from Alison that lays out a modern approach to understanding the principles and techniques of algebra. Learn the definition, properties and application of real numbers as well as the properties of positive integral exponents. Study the laws of the power of quotient and the various types of quotients. You will be taught how to solve fractional equations and the application of synthetic division in performing long divisions. Learn how to perform operations on complex numbers in addition to the various ways of factoring a monomial or polynomial. The concept of the perfect square trinomial will also be discussed in this course. Explore the techniques and criteria involved in solving equations in addition to graphing linear equations. Learn about the solutions to systems of two equations in two variables, systems of linear equations in three variables, and linear inequalities. By ttaking this course, you will acquire knowledge of the general form, graphical representation, and methods of solving a quadratic equation. Study the techniques for determining quadratic-linear systems of equations and quadratic inequalities. Learn about the discriminant and various nature of roots. The general form of the equation of a parabola and the procedures involved in the graphing of a circle will be covered in this course. Get to discuss the variations, simplification, and basic operations of rational expressions.

Do you seek to gain a proper understanding of the concepts of relations and functions? Then this course is for you. Learn about special functions and quadratic functions. Study the composition of functions, as well as graphical and multiple transformations of a function. You will learn about the concept and methods used in solving exponential functions along with the graphing of logarithmic functions. You will be taught the manipulation of logarithm expressions and the applications of exponents. Study the concept of polynomial functions as well as the procedures of finding zeros and end behaviours of a polynomial function. Learn about the derivative of ln x along with the derivative of the log of x. Learners will gain an understanding of the methods of graphing and finding the equation of a polynomial function. Discuss the definition of a rational function, the types of asymptotes, along with how to determine the x and y-intercept of the graph of rational functions. You will study the methods used for graphing any function without the aid of a calculator and solving real-world problems using rational functions. Study the methods of solving polynomial inequalities, polynomial division, and theorems used in searching for the roots of polynomial equations. Learn about the rational root theorem, the algebraic solution to polynomial equations, and the intermediate value theorem. You will be taught the pattern of sequences and series as defined by various formulas as well as the different types of sequences and series.

Lastly, the methods for proving similar triangles and basic trigonometric ratios of right triangles will be discussed in this course. Get to identify the rules for sides lengths in special triangles. Study the terminologies, quadrants, and classification of angles. This course will analyze the three main trigonometric functions and reciprocal trigonometric functions. You will be taught the trigonometric ratios of any angle, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations. You will also learn about probability from the use of Venn diagrams along with the types and methods of evaluating probabilities. Taking this course will boost your knowledge of probability principles, probability of events and the application of Bernoulli's experiments. You will study statistics from the measures of central tendency and modes of displaying data. Study how to work with histograms and measures of dispersion. Learn about normal distribution, the bell curve, percentiles, quartiles and median. This course will greatly benefit learners, students, researchers, enthusiastic Mathematicians, and all who have an interest in Algebra. Register for this course today and start your next learning journey!

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