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Diploma in High School Algebra I

Learn about number operations, monomials, polynomials, and measures of central tendency from this free online course.

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Dive into the world of algebra with this course from Alison! Learn about the classification of number operations as well as how to solve complex equations. You will explore the composition of monomials and polynomials along with the operations of sequences and series. The material also covers methods of statistical analysis from the measures of central tendency. Start this course today and take your numeracy skills to the next level!
Diploma in High School Algebra I
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Decipher the common challenges in solving equations and statistical analysis with this free online algebra course from Alison! This course defines the terms, operations as well as the common vocabulary associated with algebra. In it, you will identify the classification of sets and the operations between them. You will learn about the functionality of Venn diagrams and how they are applied to sets. Study the set of numbers as a collection of elements while exploring the functions and relationship between rational and irrational numbers. This course exposes you to the concept of variables and algebraic expressions with a focus on the composition of expressions. Gain invaluable insight into the laws of exponents and the concept of monomials as an algebraic expression in mathematics. This course will further explain how to reverse distributive properties in factoring polynomials and how to get the difference of two perfect squares using the FOIL method.

Having difficulty factoring the sum of two perfect cubes? This course illustrates practically how to factor the sum of two perfect cubes and what it means to factor a polynomial completely. You will be able to differentiate between the composition of a monomial and a polynomial. The material succinctly explains the process of graphing linear inequalities along with how to solve pairs of linear inequalities graphically. It further explores the principles as well as the methods of solving quadratic equations. Grapple with the concept of the parabola as it relates to quadratic inequalities and the different ways of determining the roots of quadratic equations. You will also learn about the properties of exponential functions and how to solve various kinds either algebraically or graphically. Another great benefit includes understanding the concept of functions, domain and the range of a function.

Finally, this course explains how basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are performed on a function. It also demonstrates the functions of the measures of central tendency in statistical analysis. Learn about the importance of the entire set of data in a single statement as well as the different types of measures of central tendency. By successfully completing the modules, you will be able to solve mathematical problems ranging from number operations to monomials and polynomials including the laws of exponents. You will also learn how to effectively display statistical data like a pro using bar charts and linear interpolation. This includes how to interpret and construct frequency tables and histograms. This course is targeted at students and anyone enthusiastic about improving their knowledge of algebra. Start this course today and enhance your understanding of number operations, word problems, laws of exponents, and quadratic equations in algebra.

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