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Diploma in Floristry

Learn how to become a florist and create a wide variety of flower arrangements with this free online diploma course.

Publisher: CourseFlix
In this free online floristry diploma course, you will learn the essential skills required to be a successful florist. There’s a wealth of information included in this comprehensive course from flower and plant varieties to floral arrangements. If you ever considered turning your passion for floristry into a budding career and business, then this diploma also prepares you to successfully purchase and/or manage your own speciality flower shop.
Diploma in Floristry
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This free floristry diploma course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful florist. First, you will cover the basics of floristry and thereafter how to successfully find and apply for a job in the floristry industry. You will also learn all the details on owning a flower shop, from purchasing essential equipment for arrangements and the office to marketing your skills as a florist on social media. Discover the anatomy of plants and flowers, while also covering different flower colour associations and usages. After learning about the dangers and treatment of ethylene, you will learn how to process, store and maintain plants. 

Next, you will study specific species of popular flowers, foliage, greens and fillers that you could use in flower arrangements. There are many floral design styles such as western- and eastern and this free online course takes you through the detailed elements and principles of these styles which includes the popular eastern technique called Ikebana. The diploma certification course concludes with step-by-step instructions in making specific types of flower arrangements where you will start by identifying the shapes available for vases and the flower arrangements you can make with each. Your creative skills will be tested and explored when you learn about container- and vase arrangements, hand-tied bouquets, boutonniere, basket gardens and fruit baskets. The final bits of content includes an in-depth study into the floral business, industry etiquette and flower arrangements for weddings and funerals. 

If you have always dreamed of turning your passion for floral arrangements and floristry into a career, then enrolling in this diploma in Floristry will teach you where to start, all about flower and plant varieties and how to successfully run your floristry business.

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