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Diploma in Engineering Graphics and Software

Master isometric projections and learn how to generate computer graphics with Solidworks in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course provides a brief overview of the use of computer graphics to create isometric projections and sectional views before tackling SolidWorks and assembly drawing. This course is ideal for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of engineering, technical drawing and graphic design. We explore some complex topics step by step to help you refine your expertise.
Diploma in Engineering Graphics and Software
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Acquire advanced technical skills needed to construct sketches confidently in this exciting graphic engineering course. We examine three-dimensional (3D) geometric assemblies and drawings and the software used to create them. SolidWorks is a program used for technical drawing and engineering, design, architecture and even video games. This course will teach you the complexities and benefits of computer-aided design software. We begin by studying cutting planes and sections as we investigate different sectional views, delving into full, half, rib and web, aligned, broken-out and removed sectional views as you discover their characteristics and distinguishing features. We then move onto graphical projections, including  axonometric projections like isometric projections and short iterations of dimetric and trimetric projections.

We then cover the electronic design of wireframe and surface models and compare their characteristics and advantages. This means diving deeper into surface models, studying the interpolation methods used for surface construction. Then comes computer-aided design software (CAD) and SolidWorks, which we explain in detail. This course requires manual drawing and the workload increases with the complexity of the subject matter.

We begin small with simple shape and object construction before moving on to surface modelling and sketching in both two and three dimensions. We then demonstrate how to construct three-dimensional geometric shapes and more advanced assembly drawings. From there, you learn more nuts and bolts and begin to work on reference planes. This means mastering the top, side and front reference planes’ adjustments before encountering more advanced concepts of assembly drawing and SolidWorks. Finally, we unpack mechanical design and product assembly until you can build a single-cylinder engine. This free online technical drawing course is for those who want to deepen their knowledge of graphic design or engineering and want a challenge. Sign up to enhance your skills and boost your career.

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