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Diploma in Electrochemistry of Corrosion

A free online course on the electrochemical nature of corrosion, as well as the thermodynamics aspect of corrosion.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on the electrochemistry of corrosion teaches you about the processes that can cause corrosion, as well as the impact of different forms of corrosion and how to derive the important Nernst equation. You will learn about the steps for constructing a Pourbaix diagram and be able to explain the relevance of the mixed potential theory.
Diploma in Electrochemistry of Corrosion
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What causes corrosion and what are the impacts of different forms of corrosion? This course will introduce you to the electrochemical nature of corrosion, as well as aspects that show the thermodynamics of the corrosive process. The relationship between free energy and the equilibrium constant, as well as how the Nernst equation can be derived for a reaction, will also be covered by the material.

You will study the various limitations of standard reduction potential series, as well as how a Pourbaix diagram is constructed. Learn about the positions where the acidic and basic reactions will happen, as well as the schematic phase diagram for aluminium (AI). This course will teach you about the steps used in the estimation of corrosion rate, as well as kinetics or rate of corrosion for a metal.

Furthermore, you will get familiar with electrode double layers, as well as the different types of polarization and the correlation between current density and overvoltage. You will also master the steps in deriving the mixed potential theory. Understanding corrosion is an essential part of electrochemistry and this diploma course will give you a solid grounding in the types, causes and processes of corrosion.

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