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Diploma in Dog Grooming

Learn the theory and practice of dog grooming in this free online diploma course that qualifies you as a professional.

Publisher: CourseFlix
This diploma course introduces you to pet grooming and explains why it is necessary. We demonstrate the importance of staying calm and assertive when dealing with dogs. The course then examines canine anatomy and shows you how to protect the dogs in your care. We lay out the steps of the pre-grooming health check and establish why it is vital that your client knows its results. We also break down how to start your own pet-grooming business.
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    10-15 Hours
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Pets are an essential part of many people’s lives. When treated with affection, they become constant companions who return that love. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to dog grooming, including its history and an analysis of canine anatomy and health.

Parasites, infections and zoonotic diseases can affect dogs and pre-grooming health assessments help to identify coat or skin disorders. We present a series of lessons and demonstrations to teach you how to groom a dog effectively. We explain how to deal with difficult dogs and manage their training to keep your service running smoothly. You will learn how to safely bathe, wash and dry a dog to leave it clean and fluffy.

The course then shows you how to launch your own dog-grooming business to help you monetize your new skill. We identify various laws and procedures to consider when serving clients. Dog grooming can present wonderful opportunities and is a great career move. This diploma course suits those who want to learn more about caring for dogs, either their own or professionally.

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