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Diploma in DevOps Engineering - Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud

Learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes, Docker and the Google Cloud platform with this free online DevOps course.

Publisher: ClayDesk E-Learning
This free online Diploma in DevOps Engineering teaches you the fundamental concepts of Microservices, and summarises the functions of Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud platforms. This course provides you with two real-world projects you will work on to improve your understanding of Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud. DevOps engineering is an ever growing field, start this free online course today to get yourself qualified for DevOps work.
Diploma in DevOps Engineering - Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud
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This is a project-based course, where the fundamentals, concepts, definitions and terminology used in the Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud platforms are provided. In Project One, a publicly accessible WordPress website is created, which is backed by a MySQL database, running inside a Google Container Engine Pod. In Project Two, a multi-tier web application, called a Guestbook, is created, using a Google Container Engine. Students will perform hands-on practical exercises, to help them learn.

The course begins by covering the essential information and software involved. The Google Cloud platform is introduced and users are asked to set up an account and explore the menu features. Google Cloud, is a powerful platform where you can build websites, apps, scale applications and VMs. Many of the tools available in the platform, will be used in this course. The course also covers Kubernetes which is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Next, you are introduced to Docker - its history and uses, in the context of software deployment and delivery challenges. Docker, like a container, provides a "uniform wrapper" around a software package, so that it can be built, shipped and run anywhere.

If you are interested in DevOps as a career or if you are a professional wanting to improve your skills, then this is the course for you. Start the course today and by the end of the week you will have gained valuable DevOps skills in the areas of Kubernetes, Docker and the Google Cloud platform.

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