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Diploma in Decision Making Using Financial Accounting

Learn to interpret and analyze financial statements and records to support your decision making in this diploma course

Publisher: NPTEL
Diploma in Decision Making Using Financial Accounting is a free online course that offers a comprehensive guide to the different types of financial statements and their importance for effective decision-making. Learn about major accounting principles, types of financial statements, and their application in decision-making for individuals and corporate entities. This course will improve your analytical and decision-making skills.
Diploma in Decision Making Using Financial Accounting
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    15-20 Hours
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This free online accounting for decision makers course provides a comprehensive guide to interpreting and applying financial information in the process of effective decision-making. This course will teach you the fundamental aspects of financial accounting and the process of building and analyzing financial statements. The course begins with a discussion of basic financial accounting concepts, major sources of capital, and how to prepare a balance sheet.

Next, you will learn about the effects of various financial transactions on the financial statements of an organization such as purchases, sales, and miscellaneous items of expenditure. You will also study the fundamental accounting principles and different types of financial records. Then, you will analyze the methods of preparing the cash flow statements and the major components of the cash flow statement. You will also discuss the treasury management function and financial assets and liabilities in analyzing financial statements. Finally, the course will conclude with a discussion on ratio analysis including different types of ratios used in analyzing financial statements.

This free online course will introduce you to the fundamentals of financial accounting and its function in decision-making for individuals and organizations. This course will be of immense interest to students, analysts, investors, and anyone with an interest in interpreting and applying information from financial statements.

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