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Diploma in Consumer Psychology

Free online course on consumer psychology, the EKB model as well as the strategies used to change consumer beliefs.

Publisher: NPTEL
The free online consumer psychology course will teach you about the shopper, buyer and consumer benefits, the consumer decision making process, the Engel, Kollat and Blackwell model as well as studying the consumer behavior. You will also learn about product and service consumption, the Gestalt theory of perception, capturing information, and brand loyalty as well as the cognitive, behavior, and emotive components of consumer behaviour.
Diploma in Consumer Psychology
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    10-15 Hours
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In this course, you will learn about the benefits of the shopper, buyer and consumer, consumer decision making process, as well as the Engel, Kollat and Blackwell (EKB) model and studying consumer behaviour. Problem recognition, and information search, as well as the types of information search will also be covered in the course. Then, you will learn about alternate evaluation and the consumer benefits of evaluative criteria, as well as how consumers choose among outlets.

The course will also teach you about product and service consumption, consumption situation, as well as post-purchase behaviour. Psychophysics, sensory perception and the Gestalt theory of perception as well as how information is captured and stored in memory will also be covered. Then, you will learn about the probability theory of learning, classical conditioning, and an introduction to consumer motivation, as well as how consumers experience emotions.

Furthermore, you will learn about the cognitive and behaviour components of consumer behaviour, strategies to change consumer beliefs, as well as the Fishbein model. Lastly, you will learn about the hierarchy-of-effects models, integrated information-response model, as well as the extended dual mediation model and elaboration likelihood model. Starting this course on consumer psychology will help the learner understand how consumers make their decisions about a brand and the product or service that is being offered.

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